I don’t feel

I don’t feel happy, I don’t feel sad

I don’t feel ecstasy & I don’t  feel fury.
To be exact;  I  don’t feel 
To be right; it’s numbness 
To be clear , the world is grey
Rightly so, because I miss you 
And that is not how I painted the town; at least,  I don’t think. 

Daphney Em Molapo 





I want to honour you.

For your efforts 

In making me what I am,

But I also realised 

We have been each other’s 

Sketch of detailed stencils. 

We’ve got each other’s 

Markers on our sleeves

It’s just love unhindered….
Daphney Em Molapo 






I have never spoken

longer than 5 minutes –

on stage that is.

off it, I will conquer you

with words, convince you to

buy new eyes – even when

there’s nothing wrong with yours.


I have never spoken

longer than 5 minutes –

on stage that is.

off it, I will strip you

of your falsehood using words.

nothing so outright persuasive

as the truth in your hair.

The tangles of it will

wind themselves around my wrist

and I will risk a brush through it

until I have seen into your heart

for your mind is another craze

I couldn’t fit onto a page.


I have never spoken

longer than 5 minutes –

on stage that is.

off it, I am too insane

to never speak.


Daphney Em Molapo



My foe’s blood

‚ÄčI painted in my foe’s blood 

Made for magnificent Red.
It’s messed up – I know
But in all fairness I’d announced
My intent to rise again,
It really should have been plain
To him that I’ll be chasing
Him with an axe soon enough.

I painted in my foe’s blood
It made for an interesting red.
The canvas lit up on fire
At the intensity of my rage.
My next stance I took dire
Air in my lungs and held my
Ribcage close to my back
Despite the pain of press.

I painted with my foe’s blood
It made for a device spell.
I cast it right before the veil
Fell and my true thoughts
Revealed the similarities
To sleeping beauty’s apple.
I’m the wicket witch in crown
And fully aware of the potential
To age out of fairness.
Though I do protest,
I am aware of time’s passing
And I am hopeful of a glint
Of change right before my sire
Tries to avenge his lost innocence.

Daphney Em Molapo