Spiders shpiders

I am being chased by spiders

Those many legged creatures

And their whirlwind of presence

Collect insects and my fear

In bottles before the day is done.
“Dispatch, Dispatch; we have a runner”

Road running and screaming 

For her life and it makes no sense. 

I am being chased by spiders

Those grey multivisioned creatures

Swore to catch me and my phone 

– oh the selfies in danger…
I am shamelessly running 

From those miserable things

And screaming – for good measure Dammit!
Daphney Em Molapo



And uncle Google provides the pictures


That ABC Love

A is for All the ways

I will love you;
the Basic Catastrophic Delicious
Electric Frantic Green
Heinously Impressive James
Kinda Love.
That Main Naked Open
Parable Quality Revelation
Set Type Unadulterated Venus
World xylophone You kind of love…
Really,  it’s the ABC kind of love.

Daphney Em Molapo

Bless the heart of a loved one.