Please read mine


It’s a story by a ghost

Named silver. Not for her eyes

But for her shine – reflective in a way.

She’d happily shed a smile

For the sake of barrier breaking;

She’d consequently drive

A melody through your heart –

It’s connected to the rest of you –

And would move you no problem.
It’s a story by a boy named courage;

He’d known early scars

But loved like he could never

Be hurt again. Like a man

Encased in amour for war’s sake.

He is ready to hit the ground

And chase darkness out through

Love’s valour.


So please read me.

The story of a blind man

Who wrote memoirs in speech

And cast blessings between the

Lines like authority was his.

His name always a day close

To being mentioned

And endurance the only reason

You learn from him.

His patience is in his voice

When you jot it down.
Daphney Em Molapo





The simplest poem I’ve ever written was “I love you !” It consisted of 3 words you could never mistake for complexity’s sake. 

I wrote it in honour of my heart and mind’s agreement to protect you against all even as my version of protection is prayer.
I stand at the entrance of your heart, my soul reflected in my brown eyes, longing tingling my fingers and my toes curled in an effort to restrain my heart from leaping at yours.
I dressed in white because the moon already has the perfect reflector of light so I thought I’d just let it all in.
The easiest poem I’ve ever written consisted of you and me.

Daphney Em 

Flowery Rose

My beautiful wall flower…

I wonder how many people
Have admired your beautiful face.
I ponder the novelty of their
Ignorance of your intelligence,
Do they know you could
Obliterate their leader to dust
With a smile?
Have they bothered to consider
the young prince whose heart
You stole with graceful elegance?
He’s dreamt futures with you
That would humble the magician.
My beautiful wall flower…
I marvel your crown,
It glistens in the sun
And the land you’ve walked
Knows to curtsey with taste.
I will buckle the child to your
Feet,  maroon a soldier to your
Heart and print your strength
For presidents to learn.
The minister forgot to administer
Your daily dose of prayer,
It’s reflected in your eyes.

My beautiful wall flower,
Has the sun’s kisses made
For better days?
Has the rain’s melody made
Easy the day’s sorrow to surface?
You forget to smile at times,
I hope you find the answer
To the thoughts without voices.
They can be a pond of Pandora
Even in the night’s accommodation
Of the stars alight…

My beautiful wall flower,
You’ve done me too much
Justice to hurt you.
So I refuse pluck your winds
Out of your passions,
I refuse to see you as stagnant,
And will keep standing guard of
Your heart lest it drifts
To another.
For my love is selfish,
Even when I bow at your greatness.

Daphney Em

I Live

I live
10 000 miles from the headstone written in sand by hands painted red. This is no cave, it’s no history marking, it is just me 100 000 miles from the past.
I live
1 000 000 miles from the target strip of land stripped off its heritage. This is no desert, it is no mountain,  it is just me 1 mile from the river of drinks.
I live
10 streets from the 1 000th block on the town. This not development, it is not reform,  it is overpopulation like a hero’s city that they just so happen to think saved them.
I live
As me!
I live
1 000 000 000 000 miles from trinity, peace floated for lack of anchor. This is not a garden, it is not a reservoir, it is just me 1 000 000 000 times tripping over the cords of my mind’s links…
I live
As me!