I dipped my lollipop tree
In the swirl of clouds free
Roaming the sky waters
And it made complete better
The taste of the natural world
And my lollipop kissed
The heavens and my blessings derived
For my eats…

I clipped the sky it’s watery edge
And drew reflections of the surface
Of the ocean… and it made clear
The view from the bottom of the
Shark’s lake… the freedom kissed
The colours from the sky
And my ink was sun bathed
And angle strewn…

I dipped my lollipop tree
In the swirl of clouds free
And pinked by the dusk.
And it looked ever so beautiful.

Daphney Em Molapo


Baser love

Some of what we are is derived from a baser instinct where we plunge into love and cover our eyes when it gets too intense…


I blink,

I think?

I ran home to love

And set the house on fire,

but still I was safe…


That’s the look of love,

The simple dish cover

Of the ocean’s breeze

And I couldn’t say no – If I tried…


I hate writing about

What love I don’t have…

It makes me want it

Far more than my next hug,

And I do so love hugs.

It makes me want it

Far more than I am jealous,

And I am so jealous of the woman

My love’s passing time with

When he should be out

Looking for me.


Daphney Em



1st Page

Love’s a trip
An adventure in feeling
And it writes and sings
Tap dances and shares
In the rain what the sunshine
Gives to the moon – light!
Loves a gift and
To the heart a trip
An adventure in beat
And it strengthens and weakens
It warms and races
In the water where the track
Of sharks threatens to bite
Into the red…
Proudly stands empowered
And emboldened
By each breath’s choice

Daphney Em


Dice Roll

Come on homey,

roll the dice…

See tomorrow catch aflame

with potential and just

Roll the dice.

It’s easy, look a map in the eye

and see the world in your sights.


The dreams and fetishes,

the colour coordinated racism

and of course the bleak news.

Cover the lands with your vision

and lay to waste nothing so simple

as a potential flame.

So roll the dice.


Hear the rhythm of the world

and dance to it.

Fit it the right shoes

and begin to understand.

Undertake no goals

if you’re a coward

and stay a dead sea

if you’re a dedicated mess.

So damn drawn by the dark

you’d rather be it.


Put a face to a dream

and the angst gets cut –

to a minimum…

Fear the world

and see yourself stand aside it

and live grey…

Put a rose to a stream

and the light gets honoured –

presence is appreciated.

Optimise yourself

and see yourself

roll the frreaking dice.


Daphney Em Molapo


I banished my heart

To the recesses of my mind

Got my soul to play tag

With my religion

And boy oh boy did I 

Get to laugh like everything 

Was in place.
You ever got to write 

“Etc” on a script?

It’s like that;

The way my own self is

Moving, being and living. 

There’s more to me – I know.

But I had to banish my heart

To the recesses of my mind. 

Just to keep a mild lid on things 

Just me.

Things quite me.

Daphney Em Molapo 



Cluster fuck

I am a train wreck
Of industrial proportions.
I lean on nothing and everything
All at once…
My shadow is light grey
And my mind lost it’s
Register so pretty much
Every thing is a scale of empty.

I am a forest of emotions
And cluster of vines
And a blink of twinkling
I am aware of gravity
Yet it seems to operate
On everything but me
I am unsteady – I know this.
I am afloat – I see this.
The ground refuses to
Magnetise my feet and
Order me to stand – I feel that.

I am a cold image
Of air and light.
It could be both good
and bad…
As I see it
I am afloat
And it isn’t by choice.
It would be better if I’d
Jumped down from a plane
Knowing the ground
Would inadvertently receive me.

Daphney Em Molapo

Mind’s beauty

And my thoughts will center,
Gather at the foot of the water
And become the driving force
To my reign.
My crown, black as the night,
Will shake in the wind
But remain my bijou –
My jewel among diamonds.
I will seed in the sand
A plant with a shadow
of true calm.
And the strings of my heart
Will pull with the wave force
Of waters kin to war.
And my thoughts will centre,
Gather at the foot of the water.

Daphney Em Molapo




I have never spoken

longer than 5 minutes –

on stage that is.

off it, I will conquer you

with words, convince you to

buy new eyes – even when

there’s nothing wrong with yours.


I have never spoken

longer than 5 minutes –

on stage that is.

off it, I will strip you

of your falsehood using words.

nothing so outright persuasive

as the truth in your hair.

The tangles of it will

wind themselves around my wrist

and I will risk a brush through it

until I have seen into your heart

for your mind is another craze

I couldn’t fit onto a page.


I have never spoken

longer than 5 minutes –

on stage that is.

off it, I am too insane

to never speak.


Daphney Em Molapo